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What OUR Graduates Say

If you want to learn how to grow, Just For You is the place to go. Everyone’s journey is individual but the road to that dream has to start with JFY. There are a lot of schools to choose from but if you ask me, the one with a one-to-one touch and feel, JFY should be your stop.

JFY Graduate 2010

Chrishad Butler, Master Barber Stylist

My experience with Just For Your Barber Academy allowed me to see the world through a sense filtered through barbering. Upon completion, I was ready for what was to come and I owe it all to Mr. Broadie and the JFY staff.

JFY Graduate 2006

Brandon Jeffers, Barbershop Owner & Instructor

Please provide any specific feedback about your experience with JFY. Consider what you would tell others who are considering working with JFY: I love working at JFY because it’s an environment where work-life balance is encouraged, I can continue to learn, and the company fosters development.

JFY Graduate 2015

Tavares ” Marco” Green, JFY Barbershop Manager

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